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Find out how you can get started with WALK WITH ME, download useful resources and discover the answers to some of your important FAQ’s!


Get Started

Each organisation running WALK WITH ME should appoint a “mobiliser” to take them through the following steps:


Sign up

For the WALK WITH ME online manager to enable you to invite and support mentors in your setting. Create an account here



Inspire leaders, young people, parents and possible mentors with the potential for WALK WITH ME in your setting.



Recruit young people keen to learn or grow and then trusted individuals to be mentors. 



Confirm parental consents, police checks and references (if required).



Run a launch event where mentors are trained and young people choose a journey.



Log in to connect with your approved mentors and keep up to date with their progress as meetings begin.


Useful Resources:

WALK WITH ME have produced a range of resources to help you get started. Click the link to open.


What is a mobiliser?

WALK WITH ME is a tool that can be used by any church, centre or organisation to run their programme. To get started the organisation should appoint a MOBILISER who will oversee the steps to getting started and the ongoing process. Mobilisers can learn what to do through the website or by contacting one of the partner organisations.

What age is WALK WITH ME for?

WALK WITH ME is designed for young people aged 14 – 21 .

What is expected of a young person who signs up for WALK WITH ME?

Young people will be expected turn up when meetings have been scheduled, to complete any readings or questions before the following meeting and to commit to completing at least one 6-session journey with their mentor.

Who should be chosen to be a mentor?

Mentors should be committed Christians, known to the church or organisation running the programme who are willing to go on the journey alongside a young person. They should want to see young people stepping closer to Jesus; and be willing to meet with, listen to and pray for the indivudal(s) they are paired with.

Is WALK WITH ME always 1 to 1?

No, depending on the church or organsation it might run with 1 adult to 2 young people especially for younger teenagers.

How does the pairing work?

Each church or organisation is responsible for pairing the young person and adult. This should consider age of the young person, gender (single gender will be most likely), journey they will be completing.

What are the journeys?

The mentors app is based around a selection of journeys to suit young people at different stages. Each journey is made up of 6 one-hour sessions mixing catch up, discussion Bible engagement and prayer. The young person and mentor can agree which journey will suit them best.

What do I need to bring?

Most of the journeys will require mentors and young people to bring a Bible and notebook. We recommend a paper Bible to make it easier to see the readings in context and avoid distractions. Young people without a Bible should talk to their mentor or someone else in the church or organisation.

Where will the mentor and young person meet?

Mentors and young people should meet in a public space, for example, a coffee shop, church or youth building where other people are present. If the young person is under 18, they should not meet alone in the adult’s home or building.

How are mentors supported?

It is important that mentors feel connected. The mobiliser in each church or organisation is responsible for encouraging, advising and keeping each mentor accountable. The WALK WITH ME log in enables each organisation to link to their verified mentors and see how they are getting on.

What about safeguarding?

Each church or organisation is responsible running WALK WITH ME in a way that prioritises good practice in safeguarding. This should include recruitment and police checking of suitable mentors, training on conduct & communication when working with young people, clear reporting systems for concerns and support and accountability for all involved. The partner organisations can help with this.

Will the mentor undergo a police check?

Any church or organisation running WALK WITH ME should be carrying out police checks on all mentors meeting with under 18s. If you are not sure this is happening you should speak to someone in the organisation.

How will the mentor and young person communicate?

Communication should be carried out in line with the organisation overseeing the programme specifically as it relates to direct contact via phone or social media. As a guideline the vast majority of the contact should be during the face to face meetings. Communication by phone or social media should be for be for communication, not conversation – i.e. to confirm the time and date of the next meeting, provide details of any reading or questions for the following meeting.

What is the role of parents?

Parents should be partners in WALK WITH ME. If the young person is under 18, a parent/ guardian should complete a consent form from the organisation running the programme. Parents should know who the mentor is and that the organisation has carried out a police check and approved them as a mentor . Parents should also know when meetings are taking place and who in the church or organisation to contact with questions.

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